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ALB Waterproofing is certified and trusted by many leading developers contractors on waterproofing for basements and cavity drain membranes, we pride ourselves on the workmanship and endeavour and quality we deliver all times.

Waterproofing systems we are specialised in,

• Premcrete Hydroprufe 3000
• Premcrede Hydroband 1000
• Premcrete Hydroflow HM25 (25mm Geocomposite Drainage Membrane)
• Premcrete Teknocem HBR
• Premcrede Eposcreede Flex (Horizontal Pack) flexible waterproofing screed
• Premcrete Eposcreede Flex  (Vertical Pack) Flexible Waterproofing coating
• Premcrete Epoprime MMA (Rapid Cure Primer)






Trustmark and all rights to install the above products and are given to us by Manufacturer FIS with 100% technician’s quality check during every job we take, 25 years warranty apply to all waterproofing products we install.





Our installation of Hydroprufe 3000 is carried by our highly trained staff and will be tested by an FIS engineer to make sure is installed as per the client’s specification.





EPOSCREED FLEX is a three-component rapid-cure flexible waterproof membrane. The applied membrane provides an extremely durable finish which retains a degree of elasticity for the lifetime of the structure. It is highly impact resistant, making it suitable for areas which are to be trafficked. It remains completely impervious to water and when subjected to normal service condition it will provide an effective barrier to water and moisture for the life span of the structure. A slip resistant finish can be achieved by incorporating a quartz aggregate into the membrane.



Reliable And Considerate Brickwork Contractors

We understand that building work is often noisy and disruptive, so at ALB Brickwork we work hard  to minimise the disturbance to your home life as much as possible. When our work is complete, we will leave all areas clean and tidy. If you are looking for brickwork contractors, please get in touch to hear what we can do for you.




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