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At ALB Brickwork, we carry out residential works for homeowners looking to modify their properties. If you are happy in your current home but need more space, you don’t have to move - an extension or conversion could give you the space that you crave. This can even turn out cheaper and a lot less hassle than selling up and finding a new home to settle into. If you would like to alter your property, then you can rely on us at ALB Brickwork to get the job done right for you.




ALB brickwork contractors in London. Bricklaying, blockwork home extensions.


Whether you desire an extra bedroom, a bigger dining room or another bathroom, we can construct the right kind of extension that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property. We can build single-storey, multiple-storey and rear extensions that are safe, secure and built to last. We are experts at finding like for like materials so that you won’t even be able to notice the new addition. If you are unsure as to what is best suited for your property, we have all of the experience and knowhow to build the perfect extension for you. Please contact us if you need brickwork contractors.



ALB brickwork contractors in London. Bricklaying, blockwork home loft and garage conversions.


If you have a garage and would like to utilise that space more effectively by converting it, then we can help you. A garage conversion can add serious value to your home, and is often cheaper than building an extension from new. We have successfully completed a number of conversions on properties of all shapes and sizes. We will be able to convert your garage quickly and efficiently, so you’ll be able to enjoy more space in your home in no time at all.



ALB brickwork contractors in London. Bricklaying, blockwork outbuildings and summer houses.

Outbuildings And Summer Houses

We are also the perfect company if you are looking to build any sort of outdoor garden structure. We build summer houses, outbuildings and walls. We can do this exactly to your specifications. There are a wide variety of styles and looks and we are here to help you identify the right structure that will add value and colour to your property.


Reliable And Considerate Brickwork Contractors

We understand that building work is often noisy and disruptive, so at ALB Brickwork we work hard  to minimise the disturbance to your home life as much as possible. When our work is complete, we will leave all areas clean and tidy. If you are looking for brickwork contractors, please get in touch to hear what we can do for you.




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